U.S. Department of Defense Invasive Species Outreach Toolbox

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At least 161 invasive vertebrates have been established in the 
United States and are a significant cause for the loss of biodiversity.

Feral Hog:  
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Invasive insects feed on local crops, plants and other species. Their 
populations grow rapidly, contaminating large areas in a short amount 
of time. 
          Fire Ant:             
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Invasive aquatic species disrupt the ecosystem by competing with 
native species for food and habitat.

 Northern Snakehead: 
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The United States spends over $123 billion on invasive weed control. 
Invasive weeds reduce wildlife habitat by forcing out native plants and
taking over the infested area.

Yellow Star Thistle: 
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The following Toolkit materials are for you to download and modify for your installation.
Invasive Species Outreach Toolbox

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