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Our Ga 3Ni 2 powder catalyst material was prepared by crushing a single crystal grown by the Czochralski technique Wencka et al.

  • In an alternative version, she fell asleep in a temple, and snakes licked or whispered in her ears so that she was able to hear the future.

  • After the reduction, the temperature was decreased to 80 °C.

  • The excess gas was removed by purging with helium for 30 min.

Sterilization of polypropylene membranes of facepiece respirators by ionizing radiation

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  • The element with higher affinity to oxygen more negative standard enthalpy of formation will concentrate on the surface in the oxide form, whereas the element with lower affinity will sink into the subsurface region.

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  • Electric furnace fitted with a temperature-programmed controller heated the reactor, and the temperature of the reactor was monitored using a type K thermocouple.