Frogtie - What is the Frogtie Bondage Sex Position?

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Frogtie Frogtied Porn

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Frogtie Frogtie

Frogtie Frogtied Porn

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Frogtie Week 4:

Frogtie Frogtied Porn

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3 Ways to Hogtie Someone

What is the Frogtie Bondage Sex Position?

Then, tuck the end of the rope between the loops on their left ankle.

  • Loop the rope around their ankles a second time going in the direction the rope is already facing.

  • She also has experience teaching English and writing to others.

  • Finally, knot the ends of your rope to secure the binding.


Hogtying someone involves tying their hands and feet behind their back, then binding their wrist and ankle cuffs together.

  • If you are new to bondage, try one of our great : The Single Limb Cuff in this video was done in a single 10 foot piece of 8mm.

  • Our Getting Started videos cover a variety of basic ties to provide you with a myriad of possibilities.

  • The frogtie is a position in which a person's legs are bound ankle-to-thigh, in the likeness of a crouched frog.