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Really cute vore never disgusts, which gives it a distinct advantage over Hard Vore, as well as pornography.

  • He needed some sleep to digest this tasty food that once was a pretty young girl called Susan.

  • Rather than being digested while conscience, the boy just gets squashed and smothered by the girl's mighty belly, and passes out in a way similar to going to sleep.

  • Plays off of the appeal of the dominatrix, the ravenous vampire girl, food-based sensuality, and if this is an Elastic Belly Vore, rather than Giantess the image of the sexy pot-belly.

Vorarephilia and Being Eaten for Sexual Pleasure

How to focus on the clitoris during partner play 1.

  • Sadat just has one universal tip: Give your bod a chance to warm up.

  • They'll never expect an expecting spy.

  • Reverse the ride The reverse cowgirl position has you straddling your partner, facing away from them.