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Vore worm #2612113

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How do I suggest characters for Animation Polls and Request Streams? I got an answer to a question when I checked Ali's purse.

  • Then the velvet worm will inside the prey and let it stew inside the shell while the insect is still alive, essentially digesting the bug before eating it.

  • As soon as one of their antennae detects something in the water, they lunge for it, even if it's than they are.

  • In that respect, being eaten by a velvet worm is a lot like being eaten by a zombie: Its slow, lumbering pace actually makes it even more horrifying than any of the other worms on this list.



  • Well, at least not from Mother.

  • We began feeding the creatures.

  • Several minutes passed when I caught movement out of the corner of my eye.

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