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The problem was, every time we'd have sex, I would get a yeast infection.

  • As for disclosing sexual past it would depend on what the other person in the marriage deems as what they need in the relationship.

  • It's love that doesn't wash off in the shower.

  • He was more angry about the attempt at humiliating him that the man I came home with tried when my husband shattered the left side of his scull.

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  • I mean it makes perfect sense that physical traits she was born with make her a slut.

  • I agree with rhythmandblues2 - how come none of this was an issue before the wedding?? The prevalence figure for incestuous abuse by all kinds of perpetrators in my study, including grandfathers, uncles, brothers, and all other male and female relatives, no matter how distantly related, was 16%.

  • A man can do anything to me when I feel like that.