Locked in rubber - slavecaged

In rubber locked Total Chastity

In rubber locked Total Chastity

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Total Chastity Enclosure

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In rubber locked slavecaged

In rubber locked Arrival At

15 Real Sex Toys That Will Give You Nightmares

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In rubber locked Total Chastity

In rubber locked Karen Anne

Karen Anne Summerfield's Excuse for Punishment

After the first 24 hours, Slave Girl Karen will be caged and removed only for the administration of her strokes until strokes are worked off plus 24 hours cage time if her earned demerits are less than 250.

  • Her head was locked inside a metal bubble helmet and it only had one hole.

  • The vinyl covering was cold on my bare buttocks and I sat there shivering, more from nervousness than from the cold.

  • After dressing me, 'Auntie' put me in my playpen.

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Sure, I was having fun, enormous fun, but I wanted to touch, to taste, to play, and I wanted not to have to think about keeping myself clenched tight! Long periods in stringent bondage had taught her that was not to be and she just had to endure those annoyances.

  • However it is marginally more effective, which will appeal to those seeking perfect silence from their charges.

  • Dirt on hat 35 10.

  • I drifted off to sleep, thinking about the pending work day.

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